Hello and welcome to my new blog! It’s about writing. Mainly creative writing and mine, but other types and authors are welcome too.

From my extensive research (via internet searches and things other people have told me) blogging can be a useful and fun activity. Good. However, setting up a blog is tricky and difficult if you’re over ten and don’t have a blog adviser strapped on your shoulder. As I am clearly not ten and don’t have any extra people attached to my person I am winging it. With faulty wings. This, I would suggest, is the natural state of any writer. You have an idea and then anything can happen.

To help things along I’d added a few links on the left side bar as examples of my writing. Hope you enjoy them!


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2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Thank you! I’m still learning so please forgive any rampant oddness or similar foolishness. That should be on my profile.


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