September is ‘Back to School’

left on our street
left on our street
Vivian Maier worked as a nanny in America, but her real work was photography. She took photographs everywhere (often when walking the children she was looking after) and kept the negatives. She had a few printed, but never made money from her photography. Which is a shame as after her death her negatives were discovered, printed up and displayed. Now her work is hailed as wonderful examples of street photography and reportage on the everyday and the overlooked.­ Check her out on:

For writers I think her photographs are so interesting and evocative they beg for a story to be written about them! I will definitely be looking at them for inspiration for my next competition story: The Commonwealth Writers Short Story Competition is always good and FREE to enter.

As we’re now in September, it really is ‘back to school’ in concentrating on writing projects. Always have to be working on something!


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