150 years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  is 150 years old this year. Published in 1865 by Macmillan, the author was Charles L. Dodgson (1832-1898). Dodgson was allowed to use his pen name of Lewis Carroll and alternative names for the book like ‘Alice Among the Fairies, and ‘Alice’s Golden Hour’ were binned. In its 150 years AliceContinue reading “150 years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Man Booker Prize 2015 and Penelope Fitzgerald

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction shortlist 2015 was announced last week. See the list here: http://themanbookerprize.com/man-booker-prize-2015. If you work in publishing or at a bookshop you will already know about the shortlist and have seen tables piled up with the six shortlisted books. For everyone else, it depends on whether you read books andContinue reading “Man Booker Prize 2015 and Penelope Fitzgerald”